10 TikTok Alternatives for Android and iOS

TikTok, which was earlier known as Musical.ly has become the most popular video sharing manifesto in just a couple of years. TikTok is referred to as one of the best music video creator application and is loved by the people who like to make short lip-syncing videos. This application provides several prominent features and a rich selection of video editing tools. It permits you to edit your videos with beautiful filters, cool effects, stunning stickers, and many more features to make your video more captivating and striking. TikTok provides a platform to post videos and showcase your talents. It is the most trending application across the globe and it is especially loved and used by the youths. But due to some reasons, TikTok is now banned in India, and everybody must be looking for some really good TikTok Alternatives. So keeping that in mind, here are some of the best Apps like TikTok.

TikTok Alternatives for Android/iOS

Nowadays Social video networks attract a lot of teens. People want to show their talent. Social Media is the global platform where they can show their talent. TikTok is one of them. It is one of the most popular and widely growing social media apps. But there are many other Tik Tok Alternatives that you can use.

1. Firework

Firework is a short form storytelling application and its videos are longer than Tiktok at 30 seconds instead of just 15 seconds. Firework is a fast-growing social video application which grants it’s a creator to take both horizontal and vertical video in just one shot from their mobiles devices. Its recording screen is somewhat similar to Tik Tok, as it enables you to stop and start recording, re-shoot the various parts and add music to it. Fireworks has filed a patent on its own flip-the-screen viewing technology which will give creators new ways to tell the stories.

2. Dubsmash – best TikTok Alternatives

Dubsmash is a very old video messaging application for Android and iOS. It let its user choose an audio recording or soundbite from their best-loved movies, music, shows, any internet trends and record a video of themselves which can be lip-synced or dubbed over that part of the audio. It also allows you to save, post and share your video clip via Facebook, Whatsapp, Message, Instagram or through any other medium. It is loved by the people in a very short span of time and become the rage among the people.

3. Lomotif

Lomotif is a music video editor which allows to make mini music videos for your Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and many more. It is a fun way to make mini video clips with music very quickly and it is not so complicated to use. It provides the opportunity to express yourself with great music and you can also use scenes or GIFs. This application provides you all the contents you want to make the video clip eye-catching and marvelous. It offers tons of choices for the selection of the music you want to add in your video clip and you can also add texts or fonts to it for delivering any message through your video. It is the most simpler application and well known all over the world.

4. Triller

Triller is an entertainment platform created for making the amazeballs videos in just a few seconds. This application tenders thousands of different songs and music covering all the genres which you can add to your video. It allows you to seek so many amazing filters to your video to further customize it’s overlooked. Triller is a mind-blowing video editing application that offers some really fun results. Its interface is very simple and clean, which allows you to create your triumph in just five minutes or even less.

5. Like – latest App like TikTok

Like application is a platform for short video making and you can add some special effects in it. It helps in creating the perfect video by their own definition of beauty which they control. It enhances its users to create videos of their most-liked fiction / heroic characters comparable to movies. This application is available in 23 languages including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati and Telugu. Like has so many users all over the world and this application is appreciated by plenty of people.

6. Funimate

Funimate is regarded as one of the best video editor and video maker application with so many extraordinary effects and music. Funimate is most fun video editor for creating awesome music and video edits and it is very convenient to use.  It allows you easy sharing of your video clips on Instagram, Whatsapp, Flipagram, Facebook, etc. and you can amaze your friends. You can make coolest videos by drawing effects on the screen, adding lyrics to the music with many text effects and it has a vast variety of sound effects for your videos.

7. Cheez

Cheez is an application which allows you to record short funny videos to make your friends and relatives smile. It is a social video platform that enables the user to create and share short video clips of the time duration of 17 seconds. This application is available on both Android and iOS devices. This application offers so many features to its users such as live filters, stickers, music, editing tools, special effects and what not to add to your video clips to make it more enchanting.

8. Vigo video

Vigo video is the best application for making short videos worldwide. It is a social platform which helps you to make new friends and share your life through videos. It also permits you to share private messages with your friends and share your videos on social media.  You can create your videos with flattering filters, stickers, sound, and other amazing effects. It also entitles you to speed up and slow down your video clips and shoot clips and merge them together with all your favorite filters and effects.

9. Kwai

Kwai is the application which turns selfies into videos in just a few seconds and allows you to add some music to it. You can capture short videos and customize them with a library of stickers and effects. It adds new Emojis every week and you can add your favorite ones to your video. It also offers lip syncing and dubbing features for making your video and allows you to trim, cut and merge videos according to your likes and dislikes. It has a vast range of professional beauty tools that can make your video flawless and you can even add stickers and texts to your videos. It also allows to do a duet with other users on Kwai and you can share the clips directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or any other social media platform.

10. Video Star

Video Star is a fun music video creation tool which permits kids to make original music videos for songs on their iOS devices and you can share them via any social media platform or email. This application records video only and not audio with so many special effects and kids get a unique music video if they lip syncing and dancing on their favorite songs. It allows you to save your clips to your camera roll or upload it to youtube where a URL is generated to share via text, Twitter, Facebook Messenger or email.

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