10 Best Telegram Alternatives You Should Use in 2019

The messaging app Telegram, highlighting private, fast simple and secure interface which is cherished by all. The app is known for its cool features like bots, private of secure chats, self-destructing messages, able to share large files and many more. Alongside these features, Telegram is seen as an exceptionally secure application as it depends on MTProto Mobile protocol and conveys end-to-end encryption bolster with Secret Chats. However, there were many bugs in the application related to security of the user and thus users are searching for Telegram Alternatives. However, this was the reason the application got restricted in a few nations like Russia and Iran.

Best Telegram Alternatives in 2018

Telegram is one of the most popular and secure messaging app available for Android and iOS users. Telegram is also officially available for PC and Windows users. If you don’t like Telegram then here are top 10 Telegram Alternatives that you can use for free. So let’s discuss some of the secure and better alternatives to Telegram.

Telegram was created to be a safe messenger that third-parties wouldn’t have the ability to intercept. Self-destruct messages Like Signal, Telegram offers the ability to delete a message after a certain time automatically. It makes telegram more long-living as a good deal of users delete the app the moment it starts taking an excessive amount of memory.

Telegram is a wonderful option if you’re searching for a smooth app with encrypted communications. He also has some neat features such as the ability to start a secret chat, where messages can be deleted after a period of time, just like on Snapchat. As a consequence of these dubious conditions and the missing imprint on their site, he is not recommended.

If you are searching for a WhatsApp alternative that lets users send and receive encrypted messages, Telegram is just one of the greatest apps on this front. With Secret Conversations arriving later this calendar year, it should develop into a fantastic Telegram alternate.

1. Whatsapp

You might all be aware of this fabulous piece of the app and in the off chance you might be using it or for once have installed it in your smartphone. Whatsapp is a cross-platform app used for a voice call, video call, messaging and broadcasting information. One of the best features that makes it better than telegram is its end to end encryption for chats, media file, and calls whereas telegram used this for only for ‘secret chats’. This is unique because not even WhatsApp can read your conversation and provide full privacy to its user.

Some of the extra features of WhatsApp is backup data from Google drive or iCloud which is missing in the telegram. Whatsapp is available on Android, IOS, Windows, WEB, macOS and is completely free to download.

2. Viber

Viber is a cross-platform Telegram Alternatives messaging app famous for voice over IP. Viber beats telegram when it comes to providing a secure application to its user. It provides end to end encryption on the media file, calls, SMS and so on. Apart from the security it provides a free audio and video call feature from Viber to Viber users and not only this it allows the user to make internationals to those who not even use Viber. Except this, it provides stickers, multi-device support etc. Viber also provides various free games and you can even connect with people nearby you. It is available on Android, IOS, Windows for free of cost. These all features make Viber a better chose to switch from Telegram.

3. Threema

Threema is considered one of the secure messaging application and it’s exceptionally famous among individuals who need an extremely secure messenger. The application conveys end-to-end encryption for messages, documents, and even status. Also, it doesn’t gather metadata, as groups and contact records are managed on the device only. The open-source application additionally has an exceptionally straightforward security policy, not at all like different organizations. Other than that, Threema is a quite comprehensive app offering with one of a kind feature like the ability to make surveys and support all file type. Except most of the apps are available for free but this cost $2.99. But as we all know good thing comes with a price so as Threema.

Therefore it is available on Android, IOS, and Windows.

4. Signal Messenger – Secure Telegram Alternatives

Signal is a private messaging application that gives you a chance to communicate in a split of second without any charges and talk progressively with every one of your companions at once, and in addition, share files with complete security.

Signal Messenger is created by the developers at Open Whisper Systems, which is the organization that has collaborated with Facebook to provide end-to-end encryption to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Along these lines, it’s nothing unexpected that its own one of a kind open-source Signal Messenger highlights end-to-end encryption on talks, calls and the information shared. Aside from the security, Signal brings all the typical informing highlights alongside the capacity to make calls. While at the same time it doesn’t offer cross-platform support or pack features like Telegram, it’s as yet a truly skilled option that you can live with. Therefore the app is available for Android, IOS and web for completely free of cost.

5. Google Allo

Like Telegram, Google’s Allo messaging application won’t simply have end-to-end encryption empowered as a matter of course; rather it packs an “In secret mode” feature, which gives you a chance to visit in security with end-to-end encryption. Indeed, even Google’s video informing application Duo highlights end-to-end encryption.

The application is launched recently and has numerous Telegram-like features. There’s ability to build text dimension of messages, chatbots, GIF support, and stickers, which should make Allo a decent Telegram elective. The Allo application likewise includes a gorgeous Smart Replies feature, which is programmed to answer to your text in light of your past reactions. This is only available on Android and hopes that Google will launch it on other platforms as well.

6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger appears like it has been around forever. It has a spotless, light blue interface, and advises you when your contacts are online. You can connect with groups or individual.

You can text non-Messenger friends utilizing their telephone number, send media including pictures, stickers, GIFs and voice messages, keep visiting while in different applications by means of the utilization of Chat Heads, and offer area data with your companions. Flag-bearer likewise enables you to make free calls globally to different friends and, since 2015, you can even utilize it without having a Facebook account.

Facebook Messenger is a well known for its cool features and with Secret Conversations arriving really soon, it is surely a great Telegram alternative The app is available for Android, IOS, and windows for free

7. Line

Line is a very popular messenger especially in Asia with about 600 million users. It is an app with the entire standard messaging feature along with the timeline where users can post their comments and like the post. This was the feature that made Line different and unique from Telegram and customer tilted towards this app. Line is available for free on Android and IOS.

8. Hangout

It is a messenger developed by Google which includes features like video call, voice over IP, SMS and there is no need for a mobile number to log in. It can even be used as your default SMS app. Hangout is preferred more in comparison to Telegram because of its dual functionality. It is available both on Android and IOS for free.

9. WeChat

WeChat is the most popular Telegram Alternatives in China with over 700 million users. It offers various features like video call, voice call, media share and connecting with nearby people. Its ‘friend radar’ and ‘Shake’ feature makes it better than Telegram. The app is available for Android and IOS for free.

10. Snapchat

Snapchat has gained popularity among youngsters and celebrities in recent time. It allows users to share photos and videos in a form of a story for 24 hours an get self-destructed after that. Its popularity has affected the market share of Telegram and removed it from the competition. The app is available for Android, IOS, and Windows for free.


A telegram had a lead when it came with its superb features and security previously however other companies have gotten up to speed quite well. To entirety things up, on the off chance that you truly love Telegram Messenger, we propose you to continue utilizing it, considering the organization rushed to settle things however in the event that you can’t use a non-secure informing application, we figure you use the previously mentioned applications. There are many Telegram Alternatives as well that are better than the Telegram but these are the best options to choose from if you want a secure and a reliable messenger for your daily use.

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