10 Best Postman Alternatives for Windows and Mac

Postman is an amazing and useful tool for building and testing API’s. It is a very powerful HTTP client which makes the work of App developers very easy and simple. It is completely ad-free testing tool and presents you with a friendly GUI for constructing requests and reading all the responses. There are many users who don’t like and thus we are writing this article about Postman Alternatives. This application makes editing of header and body attributes very simple and convenient. It has many features such as Multipart form builder, crafts packets specifically, import self-signed certificate, SSL support and many more. This application makes API development faster, easier and better with the ease of your smartphones. But every one of us needs options to do the best choice and very few of us are aware that there are so many perfect substitutes to Postman. Here, are some of the perfect Postman Alternatives.

Best Postman Alternatives

If you are a mobile or web developer then you must know Postman. Basically is an API Development tool that allows you to build and test APIs. You can also modify and change APIs. Postman has approx 4 million developers every month. You can make HTTP requests including GET, POST, and PUT. If you don’t like Postman then check out top 10 best Alternatives of Postman.

1. Advanced Rest Client

Advanced Rest Client is used to test the interaction between various levels of software components. It is a construction tool to help web-developers test Rest API and services by sending custom HTTP requests. It saves the history of sent requests and user’s collection and it also supports different preview types of the response body.  It has the ability to send a multi-form body and a raw body and support for any HTTP method, cookies, basic, authentication, auto-completion of headers.

2. Rest Client

Rest Client helps to test API with your phones and it is a lightweight utility tool for developers. It is used to test and analyze REST API response on-the-go by sending HTTP/HTTPs requests with minimal customization. It saves your requests to collection and load requests directly without writing it’s attributed again. It parses and displays the complete raw response from the server including Headers, Response code, Round time, etc. It quickly allows you to customize connection timeout settings in Rest client.

3. Httper – Best Postman Alternatives

Httper is a Rest API test tool for app developers supports your Android devices. It helps the developers to test their REST API anywhere and anytime without desktops. Developers can submit HTTP request with various Headers, parameters and raw request body by 6 distinct HTTP methods which are GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, DELETE and PATCH. An HTTP response can be shown as three styles including pretty, raw and preview., Response status code and headers are also supported by this application.

4. HTTP Requester

HTTP Requester is specially designed for the Android Developers working with web services. It is a very simple tool to allow testing directly from your mobile devices by executing common HTTP requests. All the requests are recorded and kept in history in order to allow for frequent testing in an organized way. It has the ability to select the most common content types and add headers to requests. It can view respond code, date, length, content and elapsed time and ability to select a saved request in order to review or re-execute.

5. HTTP Client

HTTP Client is a convenient best Postman Alternative tool for sending customized HTTP requests and viewing responses. It has the ability to save requests and reload them, at any time and can also record server response time. It supports all methods such as GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, DELETE etc and has the potential to send text-based content and parameters through the request body. It also provides the facility to add custom headers to a request. This application supports Tablets with dual pane layout. It is Built-in HTTP knowledge base including details about methods and status codes and it also formats request and response body as HTML or JSON.

6. Web Developer Tools

Web Developer Tools is the best Postman Alternatives for developers and contains HTTP Rest and WebSocket client. It helps you to test your REST API responses by sending HTTP/HTTPS requests with custom URL, header, form and body params. It connects and test your Websocket servers with various customization and also saves all your REST Request and WebSocket Server history to use after again. Web Developer Tool supports all the CRUD functions such as GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, TRACE, PATCH, HEAD, and others. It allows you to customize all off requests parameters.

7. SoapUI

SoapUI is a web service testing application which can test SOAP and REST web services, JMS, AMF and to make any HTTP/HTTPS and JDBC calls. It is the most widely used Open Source API testing tool which has an easy-to-use graphical interface and enterprise-class features. It allows you to simply and quickly create and execute automated functional, regression and load tests. SoapUI delivers complete test coverage from SOAP and REST based web services to databases, Rich internet applications and much more.

8. API Fortress

API Fortress is a testing platform for APIs which helps you to get a complete insight of API quality, performance, accuracy and everything. It notifies the moment flaws or any vulnerabilities found and facilitates the process of correcting the actions. It is very convenient and helps you to save time and freeing you to focus on creating robust integration tests. The platform handles all your API testing and automates test creation and test executions. It automatically triggers tests during your CI/CD process and works with Jenkins, TravisCI, Bamboo.

9. API Tester

API Tester is a software testing that includes testing application programming interfaces directly and as a part of integration testing to determine if they are fulfilling expectations of reliability, functionality, performance, quality, and security. This application aims at checking status and result of any REST API from your mobile devices without the use of desktops. You just need to set the URL and parameters, click on “Call API” and get the results on your screen.

10. Restler

Restler is a very powerful application for rapidly testing REST API anywhere and at any time. It has been built with simplicity and facilitates ease of use in mind. It allows you to send custom HTTP/HTTPS requests and test your REST API and you can also save and organize your requests in folders and load request without even writing it’s attributed again. You can here, edit body, URL parameters, and header attribute easily. It also supports the common HTTP methods including getting, POST, HEAD, DELETE and many others.

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