Google Drive Alternatives – 10 Best Cloud Services

Google Drive is a file hosting service which is owned by Google LLC and it was launched on April 24, 2012. Google Drive provides the facility to store files on their servers, share files and synchronize files across devices to its users. Google Drive encompasses Google docs, Google sheets and Google slides that allow the spreadsheets, presentations, editing of documents, forms, drawings and more. It is free cloud storage for personal use. You can store any file including recordings, audios, images, videos,  drawings, designs and many more. It allows 15 Gigabytes storage space for free and its products can be easily configured on PC, Androids, Mac and even iOS. There are many Google Drive Alternatives Apps and Sites like Google Drive that you can use for free. Here is a list of top 10 best GoogleDrive Alternatives.

Best Google Drive Alternatives

Undoubtedly, it is the best online file manager but everything has some cos with their pros and same can be applied to Google Drive even as it does not care much about the privacy options of the users. But no need to get disappointed as there are many more options available just like Google Drive which provides best services to its users and take care of the privacy options too.

1. SpiderOak

SpiderOak can be considered as the best alternative of Google Drive and this can be referred to as an ultimate resource for the people who emphasizes more on security and privacy policies. SpiderOak focuses on austere data security and provides Zero Knowledge Encryption and End to End Encryption. It can be operated from any platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. It provides 2 GB for free data storage for the trial of 60 days. It is a confidential cloud and a reliable backup option is available. SpiderOak is a substantial choice when it comes to business purpose and it allows you to drive greater organizational success. It provides to its users the facility of communication, collaborations and organizes within the confines of restrictive compliance regulations.

2. Box

Box is a very strong application which can be termed as a great replacement of Google Drive.  It is the most preferred cloud storage especially for businesses and provides integrative and collaborative tools that allow uncomplicated sharing, editing of documents and communication. It also allows it’s user to backup files, to share data and manage data across different platforms and devices. It is available on so many platforms including iOS, Androids, Blackberry and Windows. Box provides 10 GB free storage space on a trial basis.

3. SugarSync

SugarSync has a bundle of amazing features which other applications provide to its user and some special additional features that one may require in their cloud storage service. It is intensely powerful as it provides full control over the files which are synced. It permits you to back up your files from your computer and offers great flexibility in sharing of files and synchronization. It is among the best cloud storage services available today and it offers 5 GB  of free storage space to its users. It entitles you to easy synchronization of data on various platforms and works with both Desktop and Mobiles phones.

4. Tresorit

Tresorit is one of the best replacement of Google Drive and very tough with astonishing features just like Google Drive. It mainly aims at the security of files when shared or saved. Tresorit imparts great features such as cross-platform support, unlimited version recovery and many more. It is an ideal cloud service when people value the security of sensitive data. It provides 3 GB free space but this offer is only available to those users who try the premium plan which starts as $12/month.

5. is another file manager which allocates the best service and it is a great surrogate of Google Drive. encrypts all your outgoing and incoming files and offers the best privacy and security options for storage and sharing of data and files. It has an exclusive feature of ‘Zero knowledge encryption’ that means not a single person can have access to your files unless and until you provide the password which is an astounding feature for security policies. It is password protected which denotes to appreciable privacy option.  You get 5 GB free storage space and also additional 1 GB if you refer it to your friends and relatives.

6. One drive

One Drive is one of the appreciable alternatives to Google Drive and has so many good functions such as file sharing, saving and synchronization. One Drive also provides backup and restoring options and it is accessible on many devices such as Android, iOS, Mac, etc. It is integrated into an operating system that allows all Windows 10 users to sign up with One Drive. It provides 5 GB free space and for more storage spaces you can refer to the pricing and plans page.

7. Dropbox

Dropbox is well liked and most preferred cloud service. It allows you to share folders with anyone you want and offers very convenient ways to share your files. Dropbox can work on many platforms such as Blackberry, Androids, iPhone, etc. It has no limit in terms of expanse of the file that can be uploaded and has so many extraordinary features including sharing, storing, saving and also transferring online. It is a considerable cloud service for storing files and documents which provides 2 GB free space and offers additional 16 GB storage space if certain tasks like sharing on social media or refer to friends or relatives etc are performed.

8. pCloud

pCloud emphasizes more on providing best and high-level security options when it comes to sharing and data protection. It is a user-friendly interface and it has all the attributes of storage and sharing. pCloud has got some unique features in itself such as it can sync anything available on your device so that you do not need to manage separate folders in your device. You can easily access your data on pCloud from any devices and it is a very good alternative of Google Drive. pCloud has a pCloud business that is exclusively for businesses which allow to store, sync and collaborate with employees and colleagues and there is no security fear issues. pCloud provides 10 GB free space and 10 GB additional if you refer it to your friends.

9. Hubic

This platform was provided by French cloud storage and focuses mostly on the security and privacy of the user. Hubic also furnishes easy upload and download through a web application or desktop application. It has got an effective and efficient cloud storage system and grants so many features related to backup, file sharing, support in multiple devices, multi-data syncing and many more. Hubic confers it’s users standard file and storage and sharing services and provides 25 GB free space for tenderfoots.

10. IDrive

IDrive can be contemplated as another great alternative of Google Drive as it imparts data backup, syncing and sharing. It mainly draws it’s attention towards data security and privacy together with provides data encryption and other security related options. IDrive gives restoring options if a file is deleted flukily or unintentionally. It has the best security features that one may want in a cloud service and provides 5 GB free storage space when you sign up for IDrive.

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