Top 10 CCleaner Alternatives for Android

CCleaner is one of the best cleaner application for Android. It frees up space and speeds up your phone.  It also removes junk, reclaims space, clean RAM, monitors your system, and browses safely. It acts as a storage cleaner, memory cleaner, optimizer, app manager, system monitor, and also storage analyzer. CCleaner has a simple, intuitive user interface which is easy to navigate. CCleaner is fast, compact, and efficient with low RAM and CPU usage. CCleaner and CCleaner Alternatives also keeps track of your RAM and internal storage space. CCleaner even checks out your battery levels and temperature. It finds app draining your battery and discovers unused apps with App Manager.

CCleaner Alternatives for Android

It also performs so many other functions such as clean application cache, download folders, clipboard content, and more. CCleaner is one of the most considered cleaning application which has so many users, but it has so many other alternatives too, which performs all the functions of CCleaner and has many other unexpected features. Let’s have a look at them.

1. SD Maid

SD Maid is a maid for your Android, to keep it clean and tidy. It contains a huge collection of tools to manage apps and files. It also allows you to browse your whole device and manipulate files, manages installed user and system applications. optimizes the database, detect duplicate pictures, music or documents, searches for files by name,  content or date, Run tools automatically on a schedule or via widgets, and more. It also removes superfluous files from your system and obtains a detailed overview of your device storage.

2. Clean Master

Clean Mater is a very popular cleaning Android Application. It optimizes Android performance and security with viruses and RAM cleaner. It grants powerful functions to its users such as speeds up your phone, clean viruses, clean up junks, protects your privacy, and phone security. It also avoids spam notifications with Notification Cleaner and extends your phone usage time with Battery Saver. It helps to remove junk, residual or cache files which slow down your phone to free up storage space. Clean Master is the world’s leading space cleaner and antivirus app on Google Play.

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3. Super Cleaner

Super Cleaner is a world-class cleaning and boosting program for Android, which offers functions of Junk File Cleaner, Phone Booster, App Lock, CPU Cleaner, and more. It acts as a Junk Cleaner, Game Booster, Battery Saver, App Manager, Antivirus, and whatnot. It also cleans residual system cache files left by uninstalled apps to free up disk space for Android phones or tablets. Super Cleaner is powered by a world-class virus detection engine and protects your device from all the virus attacks and any other threats. It is a completely encrypted browser which allows you to visit any website without leaving any history on your phone.

4. Norton Cleaner

Norton Cleaner is a cleaner app that helps you reclaim storage space on Android device by cleaning junk, removing residual files, and also optimizing memory. It removes all the clutter from your Android phones and tablets. It identifies and removes junk, APK, and residual files, manages apps, and gets rid of bloatware, optimizes memory space and clean and clear cache. It also offers you to receive recommendations for the removal of rarely used applications.

5. Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner is the best app cleaner and booster on Android which includes features like junk files and cache file cleaner, speed up RAM, CPU cooler, real-time antivirus, app-locker, application manager, battery saver, and a photo manager which can optimize your android phone performance. It also acts as a Game Booster and allows you to enjoy max speed and lag-free gaming experiences. Nox Cleaner also protects its users from harmful malware or adware containing various viruses and online trojan at any time and anywhere.

6. Multi-Disk Cleaner

Multi-Disk Cleaner is an app that cleans up your mobile memory by deleting unwanted files and cache. It acts as a junk cleaner by showing the total junk files and removes them. Multi-Disk Cleaner boost device performance by stopping unwanted apps running in the background and also closes apps with high CPU consumption for faster mobile performance. It provides information about device-related to the storage, CPU, RAM, display, and also OS. It removes application cache on a single click.

7. Cache Cleaner Super

Cache Cleaner Super is an app that helps you to clean useless and unwanted cache files, free up your phone space and speed up phone. It has got the fastest scanning speed, and it is very simple to use application. It also sends you a reminder to clean the cache every 6 hours. This app uses accessibility services and supports Android devices.

8. QCleaner

QCleaner is the best improvement tool with cleaner and memory emptying. It contains a Powerful Trash File Cleaner and a Phone Accelerator. It helps you to open your storage space by removing unnecessary, residual, and cache files that slow down your phone. You can also play at the highest speed without ever hanging games with a game accelerator. It shows the charging status and message, battery status and level, temperature and voltage over time, and graphical stats. QCleaner speeds up the phone by unloading automatic memory for 30 minutes, 1, 3 and 7 hours. You can also see information about memory status, storage status, network, and device.

9. Fast Cleaner

Fast Cleaner allows you to boost mobile speed, clean junk files, and  CPU cooling. It can detect and clean cache junks, ads files, old trash, memory cache, and other junk files to reclaim storage. This also acts as a speed booster and cleaner, which helps to make your Android phones reborn with better user experiences. Fast Cleaner helps you to find more useless files; files need more storage room and other useless media files. It also browses webpages and deletes history with one click, which indicates that you can surf the internet without leaving any clue. It offers so many other features to its users such as CPU cooler, App manager, Advanced Cleaning, Game Acceleration, Battery Saver Boost, and more.

10. Powerful Cleaner

Powerful Cleaner is an effective memory boost tool and battery extender. It helps to clean unnecessary apps in the background to boost your phone and save battery power. It also reminds the unread messages and miss calls with a smart locker. Its intelligent cloud engine reads everything and will make junk files nowhere to hide. It also has an accelerator that can detect and clean applications that consume CPU capacity highly and cause overheating.

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